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We are a premiere, boutique agency specializing in home rentals throughout the lakeside region, property management, private concierge services, home repair and maintenance, immigration services and deep steam cleaning. 

Kira Byerly R.

General Manager

Cel: 33·1520·1980

Office: (376) 766·1562

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Catherine Beeghly

Rentals Manager

Cel: 33•3949•8972

Office: (376) 766·1562

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Luzma Grande

Concierge Services

Cel: 33·3452·1670

Office: (376) 766·1562

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Our Office Team

Blanca Lopez

Office: (376) 766·1562

Rocio Carrizal

Office: (376) 766·1562

Maintenance & Contractor

Jorge Martinez

Office: (376) 766·1562

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