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Some say that the word ‘concierge’ is derived from a Latin word ‘conservus’ which translates to ‘fellow slave’, while some say that it has evolved from the French ‘comte des cierges’, which means ‘the keeper of the candles’, which was essentially the main duty of concierges during the Middle Ages. Nonetheless, the meaning and the duties of the concierges have changed over time. They perform almost every task for top-level managers, VIP customers of banks and hotels, superstars, or anyone who needs to  outsource their work to them. This service is no longer just for the elite!

So, what is a concierge?

A concierge is an individual or a company which is specialized in personal assistance or any other assistance services like household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc. and provides such personalized services to its clients.

The idea is to save the time of the client by performing their routine or specialized tasks.

  • Our specialized concierge services go far beyond just the basic services offered by others. Yes, we provide standard services such as airport transportation and we can help you run errands whether you would like to come along or remain at home. And we can help you get to doctors and business appointments, or to social engagements, and even take you shopping for furniture and other home goods in a variety of nearby towns as well as in Guadalajara. 

In addition to these services, we can also help you secure a Mexican drivers license, or find qualified in-home nursing and caregiver providers, or find a suitable assisted-living facility for a family member or loved one.

We can also translate legal and medical documents, and provide in-person translation services to assist you with your legal and business responsibilities.  

Translation Services

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