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Cel:  33·3452·1670

Office: (376) 766·1562

Email: ajijicconcierge@gmail.com

I was born in the Beautiful colonial City of San Luis Potosi, Mexico; and had the opportunity of going to study English in England at a very young age, so I am totally fluent. I have lived in different countries but found Mexico as the best place to live, and Ajijic the perfect home. I lived in San Miguel de Allende many years where I worked as sales manager. I consider it a beautiful place but there is nothing to compare with our friendly town here in Lakeside.

I also lived in Canada for three years and practiced my English even more, and then returned to Ajijic in 2011. I have been working since then as a concierge, and love having the opportunity to help the community of ex-pats with many services.

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